Focus on Soft Skills

Stakeholder Engagement

Denali Academy’s Stakeholder Engagement module provides training on the tools required for creating and strengthening relationships with stakeholders. Participants will learn essential communication techniques and skills to better understand and address stakeholder needs and concerns.

By the end of the Stakeholder Engagement module, Denali Academy participants will be able to

• Gain an understanding of stakeholder types and their sources of power
• Know how to analyze stakeholders and manage them actively
• Understand different personality types and know how to communicate and engage with them more effectively
• Use different influencing techniques in order to address particular situations and achieve objectives

Change Management

Denali Academy’s Change Management module addresses the components necessary to bring about effective change management. Setting new goals and developing new strategies is good, but only brings value if they can be implemented. The success of implementation hinges on the managers’ ability to bring the team and stakeholders on board. Change management is an integral part of that effort.

By the end of the Change Management module, Denali Academy participants will be able to

• Understand the different phases of change
• Understand what support leadership needs to provide in each phase to be effective
• Learn what factors can facilitate or hinder change, they “make or break” your project

Advanced Negotiation

Denali Academy’s Advanced Negotiation module offers a more advanced version of negotiation-skills instruction, allowing participants take the Rate Yourself as a Negotiator self-assessment again to see how they have grown in the use of the tools since the introductory session. In this module, learners delve into ethics– asking more intensive questions and utilizing more tactics. Topics include: More Ways to Break Deadlocks, Power and Influence, Seeking a Little Extra/Finding the Bottom Line, Time Tactics, Getting Someone to Deal With You Who Won’t, and Saving Face and Authority Strategies. Participants refine their tactics and apply them to a more complex negotiation case where they have to complete the strategy, planning, data sheet, and other pre-negotiation planning. After this practice, learners are paired with another negotiator to role play negotiating a case with each other while an observer captures performance data. The session ends with a chance to review the information (data sheet) from which the other person is operating. The ensuing discussion takes the learning to a higher level.

By the end of the Advanced Negotiation module, Denali Academy participants will be able to

  • Identify their progress as a negotiator since the previous session
  • Complete pre-negotiation planning
  • Use a variety of tactics in developing their strategy and completing the negotiation
  • Practice a negotiation with performance data from an observer
  • Use an information exchange to see what data the other negotiator had
  • Develop strategies to cultivate long-term relationships


Team Building

Denali Academy’s Team Building module provides a practical approach to building a cohesive procurement team. This module is designed to expand the skill-sets of a team accustomed to dealing tactically, shifting that mindset to focus on being a more strategic team that works efficiently and effectively together in their daily environment.

By the end of the Team Building module, Denali Academy participants will be able to

• Understand the success factors for high-performing teams
• Understand the team lifecycle and why throwing additional resources at an overdue project might lead to more delays
• Communicate and participate more effectively in remote and multi-cultural teams
• Have hands-on knowledge of how to better engage with fellow team members and build an environment of trust

Effective Communications

Denali Academy’s Effective Communications module helps team members engage better with their stakeholders and get their messages across. It begins with basic communication concepts, including hands-on exercises for written and verbal communication. The training does not only target the “sending” party — targeting how to improve formulating your message — but also addresses the “receiving” side by covering active listening skills.

By the end of the Effective Communications module, Denali Academy participants will be able to

• Understand what makes communication effective (or ineffective)
• Plan what and how to communicate before engaging in written or verbal communication with stakeholders
• Practice active listening
• Develop messages that target the key audience to get the point across