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Category Management Training – India

This innovative curriculum has helped dozens of procurement organizations to go to the next level. In order to deliver a return on investment, procurement training needs to change outcomes, behaviors and overall performance. That’s why Denali blends its insights and best practices into the design and delivery of its breakthrough training model.

Denali’s holistic and modular training is structured to help organizations transition from tactical to strategic – from brokering deals to being strategic partners. You will find that stake holder management and other soft skills complement core procurement methodologies and help drive more value throughout your organization.

Four key elements of Denali Group’s Category Management Foundation training include:

  • Addressing the gap between current and ideal performanceCategory Management testimonial
  • Providing tools and templates designed to close the gap
  • Delivering a program geared to different learning styles by blending visual presentations with hands-on exercises
  • Setting clear objectives and evaluation how these objectives are met after Denali Category Management Foundation Training

Registration is limited for the training session. Additional information can be found at Feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at +91-20 67263906 for further questions about the agenda and pricing.