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Academy Insider Vol 5 – Fall 2016

Message from the Editor Now that summer is over, we’re quickly approaching the end of the year. In many companies, that means time for budgeting. As you establish a budget for training, it’s important to keep the following considerations in mind: • Training needs to be focused and is most effective when it fills individual […]

Academy Insider Vol 4 – Spring 2016

Upcoming Denali Academy Training Message from the Editor Somewhere between winter holidays and summer vacation is “conference season”—the time where procurement professionals gather to share the latest and greatest thought leadership and network with one another. And, from what we’ve seen so far, Category Management is one of the hot topics being discussed this year! […]

Academy Insider Vol 3 – Winter 2015-2016

Upcoming Denali Academy Training Category Management Excellence: April 5-6, 2016; San Francisco Bay Area Category Management Excellence: April 19-20, 2016; Pittsburgh, PA Category Management Foundation: May 3-4, 2016; Pittsburgh, PA Category Management Foundation: May 17-18, 2016; Bellevue, WA Message from the Editor Welcome to the Winter 2016 edition of Academy Insider! In this issue, we’ll […]

Academy Insider Vol 2 – Fall 2015

ACADEMY INSIDER Upcoming Denali Academy Training Category Management Foundation: November 4-5, 2015; Pittsburgh, PA New! Category Management Foundation: December 8-9, 2015; Bellevue, WA Category Management Foundation: January 12-13, 2016; San Francisco, CA New! Category Management Excellence: January 19-20, 2016; Pittsburgh, PA Message from the Editor Last month, Denali Academy unveiled its next level of procurement […]

Academy Insider Vol 1 – Summer 2015

ACADEMY INSIDER Message from the Editor As procurement professionals and leaders, it’s imperative that we navigate our way through Procurement’s rapidly changing roles within the enterprise. We’ve made profound shifts over the past decade from operating in tactical, back-office roles to becoming strategic partners who are able to influence our companies and drive more savings than […]