Denali Academy


How can your procurement team add more value to the business?

Denali – A WNS Company introduces Denali Academy, providing comprehensive training and development for procurement professionals. Denali Academy offers holistic and modular training programs designed to help shift skill-sets from tactical to strategic. Our training focuses on stakeholder management and soft skills that complement core procurement methodologies to help drive more value throughout your organization. To take the value you provide your business to the next level, your team needs more than new methodologies; they need to advance their skill-sets, mindsets, and operating modes.

Denali Academy can help you achieve that next breakthrough

No matter where you are in your strategic sourcing journey, shifting your procurement team’s mindset and skill-set can be a challenge. To develop strong, long-term category strategies that blend with your corporate and procurement strategies, you must help your team transition from a tactical role to that of a strategic partner. Cookie-cutter training programs can’t adequately support these efforts. To effectively expand skill-sets, a team accustomed to dealing tactically needs comprehensive training that focuses on mindset shifts and relates to their daily environment. Denali Academy offers specialized training modules designed to help procurement teams achieve breakthrough value. Click here to download the Denali Academy flyer.